Navigated Learning in India

Navigator is enabling competency-based learning gains in India.

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Navigated Learning Collaborative in India

The Navigated Learning Collaborative in India was launched in August 2018. Through the Navigated Learning Collaborative, organizations are coming together to provide simple, accountable and assured learning paths for their learners. NLC India members plugin Navigator into their existing work to accurately locate the learners, enable better learning gains, provide real-time feedback, and course correct through appropriate interventions.

Engaging Governments for Systemic Transformation

NLC works with government functionaries and the Department of Education to implement the Navigator. Navigator includes local language content aligned to state curriculums and provides the educational administrators with real-time data on the progress of learning of students in every school/educational cluster. It is currently being piloted in Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh, with 80K students and is in the process of being scaled to bring Navigator to all states where IEC and GPF are implementing.


India Education Collective

India Education Collective (IEC), working closely with state governments, is transforming education in India to make public or government schools the first choice for students, parents and teachers. While they are shifting greater decision-making powers concerning planning and practices to the local stakeholders, fundamental changes are taking place in the classrooms.

IEC is focused on promoting a capabilities-based learning approach, empowering teachers and harnessing the potential of technology to advance learning opportunities in its mission to make the public school system more equitable, accountable and highly qualitative. Teachers are encouraged to see themselves as facilitators of learning by designing equal opportunity creative environments where learning can happen.

The shift to a competency-based learning paradigm from a rote based learning paradigm has been well facilitated by the introduction of the Learning Navigator. This is facilitated by identifying an accurate location of the learner in terms of his/her current level of knowledge, skills, and dispositions enabling their individual learning journey towards achieving the learning outcomes.

Navigator is proving to be an effective tool for teachers and administrators, even in rural and often remote areas with limited access to technology and the internet. One teacher with a mobile phone can assess a student's learning and input the information into the student's profile through an easy interface.

Navigator is helping instructors by providing access to thousands of free and open resources and assessments. Teachers can see in real-time how each student is progressing over time and can assign them additional activities based on their performance or dispositions.

Currently in the pilot, children are in the process of adopting 'transformative' learning practices and teachers are engaged in redefining classroom processes with the ultimate goal of enabling the students to choose how and what they want to learn. IEC is gearing to support governments to implement these changes across 5 states in India.

Gyan Prakash Foundation

Gyan Prakash Foundation (GPF) is a non-profit organization working with the sole purpose of ensuring and sustaining the quality of education in Government schools in the state of Maharashtra.

GPF believes that the fundamental change in the way classrooms function today can only be brought about if learning begins with the child. From initiating work in 8 villages, GPF currently works across six districts in the State. GPF works very closely with teachers and all the administrative and academic structures in the district to ensure alignment and collaboration towards the approach and principles of navigated learning.

Data-driven decision making at each level in the system from teachers to district officials is central to GPF’s approach to transforming learning outcomes. GPF works closely with the government towards reducing the gap between policy and implementation in the state. Providing precise data to help teachers understand the child's current learning level better and also enabling them to support and maximise learning have emerged from GPF’s on-ground work in the initial stages. The Navigator is envisaged to strengthen GPF’s work with the education system as it addresses the needs of each child and each teacher in the system.

With Navigator teachers will be better able to track each student's knowledge and skills and facilitate their independent learning journey. Navigator will also allow GPF and the State to see in real-time how their programs are working at the local, regional, and state levels. The NLC supports Gyan Prakash Foundation and its mission to help underserved children realize their full potential to become independent and socially responsible citizens.

The Collaborative is Scaling to Reach Millions of Learners

IEC is scaling from 30K to 3.6M learners

IEC is implementing Navigator in the primary school grades of 1 to 5 in Math, and is in the process of introducing Environmental science, English, and Hindi on the Navigator.

GPF is scaling from 50K to 5M learners

GPF is implementing Navigator in the primary school grades of 1 to 5 in Math in both Marathi and is planning to introduce English, Environmental Science, and Marathi Language.

Gram Panchayat Navigator

Sampoorna Swaraj Foundation is developing the competency model and working on creating training materials to prepare local elected village representatives with basic knowledge about governance in the Panchayati Raj system in India.

Utter has scaled to 1.9M learners

Utter has scaled to 1.9M learners: Utter is implementing Navigator in spoken English.

      Future Implementation

      The expansion of the school- based implementation is being planned through IEC in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh to reach out to 100K learners. Other partners are being on-boarded to use Navigator in schools through CINI in the State of Jharkhand and in the sectors of skills and professional learning.

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