Pathway to Mastery

Math Navigator brings together all of Gooru’s Navigator tools to create a Navigator course solution that supplements existing classroom curricula and practices to support complex knowledge and skill developments. Learners move from 2nd to 9th-grade math with a full spectrum of Common Core Standards aligned resources and assessments. It can be used to fill gaps as an intervention, review on- grade level concepts, and accelerate learners. No matter what grade learners are in, Math Navigator will generate an individualized pathway and provide highly curated, personalized suggestions to help each learner reach their math goals.

Math Navigator

Math Navigator helps learners develop the foundational knowledge, skills, and thought processes required to be successful in 2nd to 9th-grade math and better prepares learners for more advanced mathematics and STEM careers.

Math Navigator covers Common Core Competencies for 2nd to 9th-grade math, including Algebra. Each competency has a full spectrum of learning activities, resources and assessments, which includes digital and offline resources, machine graded formative assessments, free response questions, worked solutions, and offline rubric graded projects.

Learners can fill math gaps through their individual navigated learning journey and also extend and apply their knowledge using offline tasks. Math Navigator empowers learners by helping them solidify math foundational knowledge and skills and develop ownership of their learning. It allows for tailored implementation models based on learner and instructor readiness and slowly transitions learning from instructor to learner-directed. It also enhances the role of the instructor with real-time data and research-based learning tools to successfully differentiate their teaching and coaching.

Program Goals

Math Navigator can be used by learners to fill specific foundational gaps in math and to extend knowledge to ensure all learners are at or above grade level.

Instructors have access to real-time data on individual learners and tools to support efficient and effective individualized instruction.

Administrators track learning in the moment to personalize interventions and to see patterns of success and struggle across classrooms, schools, and district 2nd-9th grade math topics, math learning techniques and ownership skills.


You can brand the the Math Navigator tools with your logo, roster the learners and instructors using OneRoster, access Math Navigator and launch it from within your application using LTI.

Connecting Ed & Tech

Gooru is invested in making sure that teaching practices guide technology, and that learner outcomes are at the heart of Navigator’s design. Our approach aligns with instructor needs and practices, putting instruction first and technology second.Check out these articles, which feature our partnerships to co-design edtech and highlights this approach.

"I feel like I have grown as a teacher in my ability to differentiate instruction and use data in a way that really powerfully benefits my students."

--Laurie Ellis, math teacher at Leadership Public Schools

The Results: Teaching 8 Years of Math in 4

Students in the Math Navigate program at Leadership Public Schools gain an average of 2.8 math grade levels per year, as measured by the NWEA MAP.

At LPS, teachers had more time for targeted support, assessment, and preparation. Students’ understanding soared, they took meaningful ownership of their learning, and they were on track to move from elementary proficiency to college readiness by graduation.

Math Navigate in 90 seconds

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