Our Mission

Honoring the Human Right to Education.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Education is a fundamental human right, yet educational access and opportunity, both nationally and internationally, are limited and unequal. While we have seen local success with amazing teachers or prestigious academic programs, we do not have success at scale. The tenacious hold of the current model of education means students lack the agency to learn in a variety of ways.

Outcomes for All

Technology has great potential to make education equally accessible and empowering. We believe technology can be a catalyst to unite communities and a linchpin to creating collective impact. In the right hands, technology can give learners, instructors and schools real-time analytic tools and unlimited access to engaging, effective resources for anywhere, anytime learning. Navigator is Inclusive by design for all learners across geographies, disciplines, and learner abilities. No learner should be left behind.

We Work Better Together

The Navigated Learning Collaborative and Gooru partners are committed to scaling practices with proven impact; practices where powerful technology enhances success and scales results for learners everywhere. In collaboration with learning science researchers, schools, and other educational allies, Navigated Learning Collaborative’s learning researchers and technology partners integrate core instructional practices like peer grading, alternate concepts, and learning sciences into Navigator to support the learning needs of all learners.

Our Beliefs and Values

Beliefs and values govern our attitudes and activities toward the mission. Beliefs are axiomatic convictions that we accept to be true. Values stem from our beliefs and outline the principles, ideals, or standards of behavior. It is these beliefs that influence our values, attitudes, and behavior.

Our Beliefs

Education is a human right: Education is a human right: Equity means equal access to results, not just resources. We need to navigate every learner toward their learning destination, regardless of where they begin.

Learning begins with an instructor: Learning begins with an instructor: Learning is a relationship - not a transaction. Classroom practices are paramount to active learning. While the learner has to activate agency and engage in learning, the instructor has a significant role in fostering those actions.

Learning is complex and personal: Learning is complex and personal: We work with educators, pedagogy experts, science of learning researchers, and implementers, and use big-data to see the “small-picture” about each unique learner to ensure that Navigator is informed by practice and backed by science.

Our Values

Passion that Inspires: We love what we do. By demonstrating our sincerity and optimism, while also displaying a heart for activism, we will enroll others in the mission. Sharing our work will engage and inspire a community to open-source their expertise.

Collaboration that Builds Success: A willingness to share and contribute draws others to open engagement and becomes part of this coalition of caring. Approaching challenges as a shared responsibility, we value collective accomplishments, embrace allies in our mission, and celebrate small wins.

Actions with Impact: Tangible outcomes, not just plans, theories and publications produce results. We work with urgency and purpose to reach scalable solutions. We contribute directly to collective goals by taking ownership and continuously improving on our organizational work.

Our Supporters

We are grateful to our supporters who continue to help us reach our goal of honoring the human right to education.