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Gooru’s Navigator technology allows each collaborator to engage with their own goals and agendas including research areas, tools, study outcomes, and validation while joining other innovators to give all learners equal access to results. Each collaborator can measure learning gains, study positive learning outcomes and validate data that goes back into the Navigator system and informs and innovates the system.

Research Acceleration

Gooru provides academics, data scientists, and experts real-time data to conduct research in any K-12 learning discipline, from early childhood through lifelong learning, as well as cognitive psychology, machine learning, and studying and designing algorithms. Our research to practice model allows for a distributed learning system to come together to accelerate research and develop best practices in implementation.

Big Data

Gooru brings anonymized usage and efficacy data back to researchers to help improve science and practice of learning through a mathematical structure. This structure allows the system to gather rich activity stream data for every learner in all facets of learning, including cognitive and non-cognitive skills and knowledge. This activity stream data can be captured for all users and create large, rich data sets for researchers in the Navigated Learning Collaborative.

Refining Navigated Learning

Gooru has established a research life cycle that informs the platform at every stage of design, development, and implementation. With Navigated Learning, we can measure all facets of learning and amplify education and skills training using a real-time data backbone to create personalized, adaptive learner journeys. We provide real-time actionable information to all stakeholders in the learning ecosystem to track learning and struggles.

Leveraging the Collaborative

Gooru brings together global scientists to make advances in data science and learning science to provide a pathway to impact by complementing research with product, content, implementation, and evaluation. Researchers for all disciplines can work together on major research projects to better unpack the complexities of learning.

Research and Practice

By integrating research and practice, the two inform each other at each stage in the research and product development cycle. It creates a closed loop information gathering approach to validate the data and learning science that informs the system and product design and moves the academic fields forward with rich, large learning data sets. It establishes a rich environment for transdisciplinary convergence research. Each project will inform and ensure Navigator is designed, implemented, and validated with science.

Accessing Data

Collaborators will access data through Gooru’s Mission Control. Mission Control’s dashboard provides access to real-time student data at different grain sizes. Collaborators can query the database and apply their own filters to get the data sets that are most relevant to their work. This data and information is easily accessible and exportable. We maintain the highest levels of data privacy and security. Any access to data will require permissions and automated settings will be set conservatively to ensure the privacy of all users.