Student Privacy

We respect and take student privacy seriously.

Learners Control their Information

Gooru honors every student's right to privacy. It fully complies with California's Student Online Personal Information Protection Act (SOPIPA) not just for students in California, but for all students no matter their age or location that use Navigator. 

Enacted in 2014, the Student Online Personal Information Protection Act ("SOPIPA") ;

  1. prohibits K-12 mobile and online service operators from using student information to target advertisements to students;
  2. prohibits online service providers from creating K-12 student profiles for commercial purposes; and
  3. forbids companies from selling student information.

SOPIPA also prohibits companies from disclosing student information, unless the disclosure is: (1) for K-12 purposes; (2) for legal and regulatory compliance; (3) in response to a judicial process; (4) "to protect the safety of users or others or security of the site"; or (5) to the website's service provider. Under SOPIPA, K-12 mobile and online service operators must establish security measures and delete student information at the request of a school or district. The law permits K-12 mobile and online service operators to use de-identified student information to improve educational products. SOPIPA also allows students to "download, export, or otherwise save or maintain their own student created data or documents."