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The Navigated Learning Collaborative members in the USA are implementing and validating Navigator in a variety of ways, from K-12 schools to the Department of Defense, corporations, and content providers.

K-12 Lab Schools

 K-12 schools throughout the country are validating Navigator by using it in their districts and providing invaluable insight into technology requirements, design ideas, and proving efficacy through learning outcomes.

Currently, Leadership Public Schools, Galt Unified Elementary School District, Lammersville Unified School District, Park County School District, and Val Verde Unified School District are using Navigator to provide learners with personal learning journeys and instructors with the ability to monitor and intervene.

From individual interventions to group activities, Navigator allows instructors to customize how they use Navigator in each of their classrooms. From Go Live Assessments that can be given to a whole class or select smaller groups to activities given as homework assignment, instructors are using Navigator to fill personal gaps, reinforce new concepts, and review core concepts.


Gooru has a strong partnership with established learning science researchers who combine education expertise with Gooru’s data science expertise, rapid prototyping, and a broad user base in the United States and India.

Dr. Teomara (Teya) Rutherford at the University of Delaware is working to understand how motivation and self-regulation feature in student's choices within Math Navigator and how their choices illustrate their strengths and areas of improvement in social-emotional learning to provide actionable insights for teachers.

Dr. Nancy Butler Songer is a Distinguished University Professor at Drexel University and a Visiting Scholar at The union combines Songer’s learning sciences and STEM education expertise with Gooru’s data science expertise, rapid prototyping, and a broad user base in the United States and India. Songer collaborates with Gooru’s “laboratory-at-scale” for a range of research questions on learning science knowledge development, student soft-skills development, teacher professional development, and the examination of classroom practices with technology-enhanced pedagogical innovation. 

NSF DRK-12 Grant: In the Life Right Here and Everywhere project, middle school students are constructing arguments to support the development of abstract and complex Next Generation Science knowledge development. Gooru is collaborating with Dr.  Nancy Songer professor at Drexel University and Dr. Tanya Dewey profession at Colorado State University on this project.

Hewlett Foundation is funding a Teacher Professional Development Navigator that will address how to effectively use data and technology in the classroom. Our lab school Galt, has provided feedback throughout the process and will pilot with Galt curriculum coaches and teachers this Spring with a scaled rollout to the district this 20-21 school year.

Government and Workplace Skills Training

Navigator’s technology is able to work in any industry to learn any discipline. We have had successful implementation across government and workplace skills training. 

Department of Defense Training.
Advanced Distributed Learning (part of the US Department of Defense) funded an initial implementation of Navigator as an interoperable learning exchange. Gooru extended Navigator to xAPI compliant with support for xAPI statements from diverse sources, as well as converting native events into xAPI statements and storing them in an LRS.

Skills Commons is migrating over 500 courses and training materials developed by the Department of Labor to Navigator for any member to access and use.

World Bank leveraged Navigator to develop a soft skills course to include in the training of auto workers in Morocco. This successful proof of concept has led to future opportunities for Gooru to develop and scale into other sectors and industries in MENA.

Higher Education

California State University curates open-educational resources for higher education as part of its Affordable Learning Solution. Their multimedia educational resource for learning and online teaching, MERLOT, is migrating all of its more than 88,000 learning resources to Navigator to create a more widely available and dynamic learning experience.

Lifelong Learning

Next Generation Personal Finance is working with Gooru to develop a Finance Navigator to help individuals fill their knowledge gaps in personal finance.