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Equity is equal access to results, not just resources.

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Education is a Human Right

We are researchers, technologists, educators, product designers, community-builders, and storytellers passionate about solving the global challenges of learning worldwide. We focus on three essential drivers to reimagine learning. Gooru innovates to assure learning for everyone with Navigator, through refinement of Navigator with the Navigated Learning Collaborative, and scaling sustainably by licensing Navigator to partners.

Accelerate with Navigator

Validated Navigated Learning

Navigator provides a research-backed experience that navigates learners to their learning destination by locating the learner’s current knowledge, skills, and mindsets, and using a full spectrum of learning activities navigates them to their destination. Navigator empowers teachers to monitor their students’ progress in real-time, personalizes interventions, and ensures learner outcomes. 

Innovate with the Collaborative

Learning is complex, learners are diverse, and ecosystems are intricate. The Navigated Learning Collaborative is composed of researchers, funders, educators, content providers, and implementers who implement, use, inform, and refine Navigator. Creating Navigator with diverse experts addresses the complexities of learning and engages the ecosystem to create systemic change.

  • The Navigated Learning Collaborative (NLC)... Focuses on tangible outcomes

  • Shares aligned beliefs and a singular objective: to ensure every partner achieves their individual agenda

  • Engages and inspires the community by sharing successes and open-source their expertise

  • Supports a coalition of caring, demonstrating optimism and activism for education

  • Values collective accomplishments over individual successes

  • Practices collective vigilance and shared measurement

Scale Worldwide

Worldwide, over 6 million students in K-12, higher education, skills training, and professional learning are currently using Navigator. In the United States 3.06 million learners in K-12 classes, skills training programs, Department of Defense, and a large corporation are currently using the Navigator. In India, Navigator is being piloted with 200,000 primary school students in the states of Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra and will reach more than 10 million students with statewide implementation by 2022. Implementations are also underway for English language training in Thailand and Europe, professional development in South Africa, skills training in Morocco, and civil service training in India.